Lifting system: perfect solution that save-up space in your home.
Beds, tables, closets, railway models, safe-boxes (and much
more…) that disappear up in the ceiling and are available again in
the room when needed.
Share with us your needs and our designers will find the best solution for you.


King-size bed, single bed, Queen-size bed, round bed.. There are no limits to your dreams.


Remote-controlled save-space closets designed to suit your needs and to store all your personal belongings.. especially the bulky ones.


Free the room from the table encumberance: enjoy the space and bring the table down only when needed.

Other solutions

Our system can be designed and applied also to showers, safeboxes, storages, and more… We do not set limits to your inspiration. All projects are customizable!


Our options dedicated to making your bed unique


Save-up space remote controlled closets that fits your needs to store all those
bulky things in your room.